Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Candy

So, I saw this yummy recipe for homemade conversation hearts. I immediately wanted to make them, because I LOVE them!! When Valentine's Day comes around I usually buy quite a few bags! This year I only limited myself to one... but then I came across this recipe! Unfortunately, or fortunately -however you want to look at it- the recipe made 450 1-inch hearts!! Also, it was harder to write on them than I thought! I tried the edible writing pens, which didn't work very well at all because they work too much like a paint brush and are not good for such small writing. I decided to try using a toothpick and food coloring. This worked much better. Some of them smeared because of leftover powederd sugar on top. Oh well, it was fun to do and they tasted so yummy!!

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