Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekend Trip with Family!

So, I have had a busy time this past week or 2!! I went on a little "vacation" of sorts last weekend. I left for NJ on Thursday afternoon to spend the night and go to MA with my cousins and aunt to a Christning for my cousins baby, then back to NJ for the night on Sunday! I finally made it home Monday afternoon. Whew... I got that all out! We had a blast. I love visiting my family in both places! The weather was beautiful and the snow was piled high! We had a very smooth drive and lots of laughs along the way! Miss Vintage was extremely wonderful and beautiful, as was her big sister-Violet. We managed to do quite a bit in a few short days. We even made it to a local thrift shop where Emily and I each bought a mason jar full of jewelry. We had quite a "treasure hunt" after the Christening!
I was not able to do my Friday post, too much going on and a bit tired! Instead, here are a few photos of the trip!

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