Friday, December 10, 2010

Rail Cars

Last weekend I went to see the little Rail Cars do their "Toys for Tots" run. They do this every year and collect toys. I used to go see them with my dad every year and we usually brought my nephew, Mason. Now that my dad has passed away, I have been going alone. The little cars are so cute. I know they had a purpose years ago, but now they are just fun for their owners. They also have a contest of "best decorations" so you will see some of them have decorations on them! I can't help but wonder how the people are not frozen by the time they get done with the run, as some of them don't have a cover, most no heat. The ladies are always bundled up with many layers and blankets! I am very fortunate to have someone e-mail me and remind me every year when they will be coming thru, a friend of my dads. Please enjoy the pics I took and always try to support the "Toys for Tots"!!

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  1. What a great idea! Remember the year everyone sent Uncle Bob Tonka toys? We donated them all to Toys for Tots. Thanks for posting - it made me smile.