Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lost Power

This weekend was a pretty rough one! We lost power, due to tornado-warning storms that came thru Saturday night. The power was off from 9:30pm til 5:30am. We had gone to a car show that night and sat in the heat for a few hours! Luckily, that made me tired and I was able to sleep with the tiny fan Brian hooked up for us! Then we lost power again on Sunday, around 1:30pm til 1:30 am... yea 12 hours. I was getting a little worried about our refridgerator and freezer, but Brian assured me things would be fine. I tried to sleep, but the heat seemed worse that night! Everything seems fine now... they came and repaired the lines that we saw sagging. I am just glad we didn't have a longer outage or that it wasn't a 80 degree night!
Here is a pic of the car at the show (I don't like pics of the hood open, but they like you to do it at the show) and one of the heart shape my flashlight made!

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  1. Glad you got your power back. Feel free to def come up with bonnie the more the merrier!