Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trip to MA

I was fortunate enough to have a visit in Haverhill, MA with my cousins-Brian and Teena and their adorable daughters Violet and Vintage. I traveled with another cousin, Bonnie. We had a wonderful time!! The girls are so cute and Violet is a total joy. She is very active and very opinionated!! I love her honesty and her innocence. I was told we were lucky enough to have come at the right time to also see Vintage becoming very animated! Until this week, she did not do too much! HAHA, we had her laughing and smiling and loving the whole time. I was pretty happy just sitting in the rocker holding her. I could have done that the entire time I was there! Fortunately we were able to do a few other things. We enjoyed an afternoon out in downtown Haverhill (where I found an awesome afghan at the thrift store for only $10!!) and also an evening with Uncle Bob and Aunt Kathy. We also got to explore a cute little town, Newburyport, where the baby had her blessing at a nice church. I think I could live in that little town very happily!

I thank all of my cousins for such a wonderful time and for Bonnie for allowing me to travel with her! I hope to be able to do it again soon!!

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  1. Thanks for coming!!!! It was great having you here. See you in November!